This podcast series looks at a number of different aspects of monarchy  including scandal, violent deaths, colonialism, war, lost crowns and republicanism. 

The series is hosted and written by Associate Professor Cindy McCreery and Emeritus Professor Emeritus Robert Aldrich - both from the University of Sydney; and the producer for the series is Peter Adams, from the University of Sydney School of Humanities.

The series is a production from the Modern Monarchies in Global Perspective Research Hub, and the School of Humanities; both at the University of Sydney.  For more information, please see our website at:

The podcasts are copyright by the University of Sydney, and the authors and interviewees retain rights to their material.  We acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora nation, the Traditional Custodians of the land on which the university stands.

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Latest Episodes

Long to rule? Monarchy, Republicanism and the Commonwealth

Republicanism has long been one of the major challenges to monarchy, and the majority of countries in the world are now republics.  Yet monarchies endure.  King Charle...

Lost imperial crowns: Monarchy and decolonisation

The wave of anticolonialism and nationalism that swept the world after the Second World War brought about the independence of many former colonies.  The old imperial m...

African kings: Monarchy and its challenges

There were numerous emperors, kings and other hereditary rulers of nations in pre-colonial Africa, though European conquerors with racist perspectives common in the ag...

Casualties of war: Monarchs and the First World War

Since many royal families were related to each other by marriage, wars turned relatives into enemies.  Such was the case in the First World War, when the British King ...

Take me to your leader: colonialism and monarchy

Colonial expansion gave European (and some other) monarchs vast new domains – Queen Victoria, Empress of India, ruled over a fifth of humankind.  But colonial monarchs...

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